Home Wonders Expo 2017

Home Wonders Exhibition is the International Trade Fair which is held twice a year and started in 2012

During this expo exhibitors get to showcase their products and services.

Consumers get to choose from a variety of products.

Along with Shopping there is a food corner having original Indian food.

This trade fair is famous in Mauritius, people know it as Trade fair Mer Rouge.

How this trade fair is helpful?

Brand Awareness

Maximize your brand exposure throughout the Mauritius and African market
Experience face to face interaction with key Decision-makers, Architects, Designers, Specifiers, Distributors, Consultants, Retailers, Hoteliers and Project Directors


Showcase your latest collections to a captive Mauritian audience of high-spending buyers
Perfect platform to present your products and services to key trade professionals
View the latest products and services in the design market, gain knowledge and market insight and keep up to date with the latest trends


Network with your industry and develop relationships with buyers and clients
Generate sales leads and develop business with your target market



Egyptian Luxor Folk Dance Group

 First Time in Mauritius Rajasthan Works Ltd will be Presenting the

 Egyptian Luxor Folk Dance Group and Bangladesh Group for the Home wonders 2017